Friday, February 4, 2011

The Divine Normal

"The gold of the ancient alchemists can actually be extracted from everything. But what is difficult is to discover the gift that is the philosopher's stone and that exists in each of us" (Y. Klein quoted in Yves Klein: A Retrospective, Nice, 2000).

"A painter should only paint a single masterpiece, himself,constantly." (Y. Klein quoted in Blue Company or,Yves Klein Considered as a World-Economy)

Klein’s conception of art as an aspect of life that hinges on an artist’s daily practice is familiar to me as a dancer.

“Practice is the means of inviting the perfection desired.” –Martha Graham

His study of Judo led him to believe that his body was a channel for powers that were greater than himself. The way to honor this power is to see all of life as a work of art that we are constantly engaged with. This same awareness has come into my life through both the practice of yoga and dance. I find Klein’s faith in the idea that by becoming the best person you can be you will create the most powerful work, refreshing in a culture that romanticizes the “struggling artist.”

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