Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Support Immateriality!

One reason I became interested in Yves Klein is because of his interest in energy, rather than material as a medium for art making.

Klein is well known for selling and displaying space in galleries, which has been “stabilized” by his artistic recognition. As a dancer Klein’s work to “stabilize zones of pictorial sensibility” strikes me as both amusing and familiar.

Dance is an ephemeral art form, and while the visual arts went through an explosive movement rooted in dematerializing artwork in the 1950s, dance has been creating art through energy for hundreds of years. Klein’s sales of “immaterial pictorial stability,” in which he asked for pure gold leaf in exchange for each zone, were elaborate, witnessed rituals in which half of the gold was thrown into a natural body of water and the receipt was burnt, so as to consecrate an exchange that was completely immaterial.

Fundraisers for dance companies are similar events. We ask you to support something that can change lives, but at the same time doesn’t exist in any solid form. Dance is not synonymous with the gross body. Nor can it be defined or caught in recorded movements. To me, dance is a means of communication that exists only in the moment of transference between the performers and the audience.

In order for that communication to be effective however, dance companies need immense material support. Hours of rehearsal, sweat, and practice go into each new work. This labor-intensive physical work is supported in performance by sets, costumes, music, etc all of which require labor, materials, and support.

The Theater of the Void Fundraiser Party will preview the immaterial and material work of ten Seattle-based artists. I hope you will support this collaborative work, unlike Klein we take cash, checks, and credit cards- and we will even let you keep your receipt for tax deduction purposes!

Tickets are available via Brown Paper Tickets:
Theater of the Void Fundraiser Party Tickets

If you can’t make the party, please consider supporting the work via Catherine Cabeen and Company’s click and pledge site:
Support Catherine Cabeen and Company
Catherine Cabeen and Company is an Associated Program of Shunpike.

Thank you.

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