Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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Thank you so much Seattle for all of your support for Into the Void!

Here's what the critics had to say:
From the Seattle Times:
Seattle dancer-choreographer Catherine Cabeen explores a dreamlike 'Void'
“Seattle dancer-choreographer Catherine Cabeen's first evening-length piece, "Into the Void," is a seductive work to watch unfold…"Void" is a dreamlike, gender-fluid, near-subliminal exploration of what Klein means to Cabeen.” by Michael Upchurch

From Sunbreak:
Catherine Cabeen on the Yves of Creation
“It is sometimes joyful, sometimes embattled, frequently gorgeous, and always in pursuit of the elevating moment, … As Klein, Cabeen adopts, with glorious extensions, one-footed judo poses that evolve from forceful push to feline fall in a way that explodes the distinction.” by Michael van Baker

From SeattleDances:
Into the Void—Catherine Cabeen’s newest work explores the art of Yves Klein
“To say that Into the Void is art at its finest is an understatement—it is an experience that uses contemporary movement in all the right ways and is arguably at the forefront of a new generation of dance artists.“ by Steve Ha

From City Arts Magazine:
Cabeen Straight Up With a Twist of Klein
“No knowledge of Yves Klein and his work was needed to enjoy Into the Void. Cabeen packed the 70-minute show with varied elements and strong modern dance, and a lack of narrative allowed for open-ended interpretations and emotional response. “ by Rachel Gallaher

And, of course, the On the Boards Blog:

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